Louie and Anna Louie and Anna Mae Macinanti opened the doors of their pizza shop in 1952, a year after they were married, in the south end of Woburn, MA, just down the street from where Louie grew up with his ten sisters and brothers. He didn’t have to go far from home to become the successful man he is today.

Louie started out when he was 10 years old and helped out at Gold Tops Bakery and by the time he was in 10th grade he went into his own business with his sister Jean Macinanti Abreau. His father, Antonio Macinanti put up the money to help them get started and in 1950 they opened The Sugar Bowl at 104 Main Street and opened 6am to midnight. After about a year, Louie decided he just wanted to focus on pizza and didn’t want the harsh realities of being open all day. So after his marriage to Anna Mae, they bought 118 Main Street and lived above the pizza shop for the rest of their lives. The building used to be a variety store called Duran’s before they purchased it. So the story continues of how they started out making pizzas and subs opening 4pm to midnight. They  worked hard in mastering the art of making simple, traditional, Italian pizza. Louie learned the dough recipe from his mother, Estherina Fedeli Macinanti an immigrant from Italy. She used to make the dough by hand for the pizza shop until it became too busy. That was when Louie bought a dough mixer in Boston and started making the dough on site every morning, but never revealing the secret recipe.  Soon Louie’s Pizza became the second pizza shop in the south end of Woburn, second to Gold Tops Bakery where he worked as a kid. Through the years Louie & Anna Mae had help from their children, Janice and Louie Jr., their grandchildren and many generations of family members, thus turning it into a proud, family-run business that has stood the test of time.

The secret has always been the fresh dough made every morning, homemade sauce, the finest cheeses, and freshly cut quality meats and vegetables. Preparation, time and perfection have always been the basis of Louie’s Pizza and it is what has made it stand out for almost 60 years. You will be able to taste the difference in your first bite!

Today, Louie’s Pizza still stands in the same location where it started. It is now proudly run by Louie’s two grandson’s Derek & Randy Macinanti and they have expanded the hours and menu. Although times have changed, the one constant of Louie’s Pizza still remains and that is making the dough fresh every morning and closing shop when it is gone. In order to accommodate our customers, Louie’s Pizza would like to remind you that they only make a certain amount of dough each day and that the pizza sometimes does “sell out” fast so to avoid missing out on a pizza, simply call and reserve one for a specific time. We like to call it “call ahead pizza.”

Louie’s Pizza has come a long way from “The Best Pizza in Town” for it is far beyond that, becoming one of the most renowned pizza restaurants in Massachusetts and beyond. Louie's Pizza would like to thank all of our family and customers who have supported and been loyal to Louie’s Pizza over the last 60 years. We will strive to maintain the foundation of expectations that Louie’s Pizza started with...all thanks to Louie Macinanti.

Thank You and Enjoy!
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